When I think of Home


Chicago is a beautiful city. It’s buildings gleam in the city sun. It’s calm lake waters draw you in.  It is a city that will make you think twice about living anywhere els, especially in the summer.  But of all the beautiful beaches and scenic parks, the gorgeous cityscapes the golden coasts, what really makes Chicago sparkle is its people.  The people here are a study in conundrums.  They are equal parts southern hospitality and big city hustle; utterly uninfluenced by outside trends while pushing the boundaries of fashion and style; daring and cosmopolitan and old fashioned and humble and clever as they come.  The people here are what gives this city its heartbeat.  If this city is my home, then it’s people are my family. 


Last night epitomized exactly just what I am talking about.  I was invited to  Dinner in the Garden with the inimitable artist and interior designer, Raub Welch (@veryraub on instagram) .  His dinner parties are legendary in Chicago, and the epitome of the Bronzeville revival.  Entering his garden is like being transported to another place. There just aren’t the words to describe the beauty of it; my mother said it best when she told him, “God walks around in your Garden.” At every garden party, he lays out an immaculate spread. Last night, for Rosé Wednesday in the Garden, we dined on a salad with dressing made of handpicked raspberries, pesto chicken garnished with fresh picked basil (pronounced baaa-zil for the evening🤣) and homemade brownies drizzled in the most delicious imported French caramel.  Oh yes, that’s right; he made the brownies -  and everything else we ate - FROM SCRATCH.

At each of these dinners, the guest list is always comprised of variety of people from different industries and walks of life.  The only requirement he has of his guests: you must be interesting.  Last night no one disappointed.  Topics ranged from body politics to fashion to ageism on Instagram to the merits of a crisp white (or ecru) shirt.  It was the most beautiful gathering of people I have dined with in a long time.  They reminded me that - if you choose right - the company you keep will literally brighten up the world around you.  They reminded me that the fabulous people are absolutely real - and they are absolutely fabulous.  They reminded me that we are all living, breathing works of art.  They remind me that the Who’s who are not “them”: they are us!  They remind me - always and forever - of home. 

In order of appearance: Stylist, fashionista and Chicago Style Icon Tabrina Davis (@tabbyscloset) ; D’Ontace (@themrkeyes); Jean Selassie Frederic (@crowned81), Hair and Makeup Artist and owner of Crowned By Jean Bryant; Stylist, fashion guru and “Funny Fukker” Jamie Bennett (@mrjsbennett); Demetrius Robinson (@dlrobinson), Interior Designer and owner of Savvy Settings Home; and Styled Fabulous Business Director (and engine of all things Styled Fabulous) Pier Smith (@missmissy36).

  Dinners in the Garden are invite only affairs; for inquiries and additional information, contact Raub Welch through direct message on instagram at @veryraub.