No Rest For The Fabulous


if you know me you probably know that I am always on the go.  If there is something to do that is even REMOTELY entertaining I’m gonna do it.  I did not always used to be this way. I used to prioritize naps, nights at home with myself and myself, and generally laying around whenever I wasn’t working or hanging out.  You might almost be able to say that I was... I dunno... maybe lazy?  But then a few things happened.  I moved to the east coast and for three years, my life revolved around my daughter and my husband.  I had nothing fun to do outside of my home and no one to do anything fun with outside my family.  Slowly though, I reconnected with old friends, made new ones, and started to build a life for myself. Then in 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer; right then I made a promise to myself to enjoy every moment going forward and to get the most out of this thing called life.  By the grace of God I beat cancer, and doubled down on the good time.  I have discovered that our best life is out here, just waiting for us to grab it!


The reality though, is pursuing our best life is not always easy.  We have to squeeze these good times in between taking care of kids, paying bills, WORK, taking care of extended family, etc.  Our mornings start at 5:00am and our nights end at 1:00am.  There are dishes, there’s dusting, there’s mopping, there’s laundry and that’s just the start of it.  We have kids that won’t stop arguing, partners that have questions about whatever, we have employers that want more from us than they are paying us for.  When in all of that do we get to live our best life?

Well, I will tell you what I’ve come to know as true.  The only way we will live our very best life is is we make our best life one of our top five priorities.  When I am setting up my week, I don’t just forecast my work, bills, kids and chores.  I look forward and ask myself, “what am I excited about this week?”  Even with all of my responsibilities, demanding jobs (yes jobs plural!), etc., I consider it my personal obligation to make sure that at least once a week, I’m doing something for me. Because the reality is, for most of us, when the schedule gets hectic and the todo list gets too long, the first thing that we cut out is... us.  And no one, absolutely no one, is going to walk up to us and say ”hey, you look like you could use a good time!”  So we have to do it for ourselves.  We have to look inside, define our interests, and then pursue, with vigor, our own good time. Take, for instance, my love of wine and - of course - rosé. It led me right into the city for a turn in New York’s Rosé Mansion.  An afternoon with my dear friend, an excuse to get semi-cute, and 7 different rosés for me to taste over 2 hours!  Sign me up!  These are just examples of what I enjoy; your likes may be totally different.


But whatever you enjoy, I encourage you to think deeply about working the pursuit of those joys into your routine.  No matter how many responsibilities outside of yourself you have, you owe it to you to also pursue your most fabulous self.  And yes, it may at times it may be difficult, even downright exhausting.  But so what!  Push forward; exhaustion be damned.  After all, there is no rest for the fabulous!😘



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