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Iman Schuk is a stylist. Iman is a Survivor. Iman is a fabulous mother living a fabulous life and sharing all of her secrets for other fabulous mothers. Iman is a fashion junkie who will shop for you and you and you AND you! Iman Schuk is Styled Fabulous.

Iman Schuk is the driving force behind Styled Fabulous, a concierge style service offering personal styling, image consulting, and fashion motivation! Each and every one of us is fabulous, and Iman is committed to helping her clients find their fab!

Iman Schuk is a mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, and most importantly, a real person. She is well aware of the challenges that face real people, both in fashion and in real life. In addition to her experience in fashion, she is a trained and licensed psychotherapist who fully understands that the outside is only a reflection of the inside. As a result, her process begins inside and her goal is to help her clients project a life in alignment, an authentic aesthetic, and a beautifully truthful fashion narrative that does all the talking. Additionally, Iman is very comfortable in front of the camera and the microphone and as a result, enjoyed significant experiences as a brand ambassador, model, and public speaker.




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