Mommy On The Run

We recently brought in a new year, and with that comes a lot of change. Every year the hustle picks up the pace: schedules get a little crazier, kids get a little moodier, money gets a little tighter. It seems like the more time passes  the more obligations that spring up. Sometimes a Mommy just wants to run away. 

Jacket & hat: @hm; shoes: @asos

Jacket & hat: @hm; shoes: @asos

I’ve been struggling with feeling like all of the responsibilities that I have are getting in the way of each other AND me. How can I be a good mother managing my kids’ needs and schedules, keep a clean house, perform at my job, chase my dreams and self care?  It’s a tall order, y’all. I’m wondering if it can be done, and more importantly, should it be done?

Should I really be expecting all this of myself?  Is the desire to be a perfect mom/wife/me even a realistic one to have?  Is it wrong that at least once a week I want to run away?  More and more I’m thinking, maybe... not. 

Dont get me wrong, I’m gonna keep trying my hardest to get this thing right. But I also have to give myself a little room to breathe. Slow it down a little and let some stuff go. Maybe that means letting the toys pile up for a couple of days. Maybe that means missing a couple of art classes or not selling Girl Scout cookies this year. And maybe that means running away for a girls trip with my fellow runaway mommies every now and then. Because there’s nothing wrong with setting some stuff down. And every now and then, it might even be okay - scratch that, good - to run away. 


So there you have it. I am officially a Mommy on the run. I’ll always find my way home of course, but be advised: this Mommy is reclaiming her time.    And she is encouraging you to do the same. 


Stay fabulous, lovelies! 


xoxO!  Iman💋