Finding Fabulous


I have a confession; fabulous does not come easy.  In fact, fabulous is very hard to find.  It is usually hiding behind all the things we have to do, the jobs that overwork us, the family obligations that drain us, the mundane must-do's of everyday life that wear us out a little bit more everyday.  But about three years ago, I had an epiphany; fabulous is a consciousness.  We have to actually pursue the good times we want.  WE have to create the magical moments that we wish to have.  Mediocrity is available in abundance, but fabulous?  That takes work.


Now we all have different ways of resisting the wackiness life sometimes throws our way.  Fashion is the form of my resistance.   When times get rough, I get fly. I am never going to let the difficulties of life wear me down and make me shrivel up.  I am going to square my shoulders, put on a fabulous pump, and step forward.  Life has thrown me curveballs; loosing my dad, battling cancer myself with a newborn and a small child to take care of, surgery after surgery after surgery, the list goes on.  But I decided at the outset of my fight with breast cancer that there are fabulous moments all around me, I just have to find them.  It's become almost like a meditation for me; finding fabulous no matter the circumstance.  And do you know the biggest lesson I have learned?  Fabulous is not so hard once you realize where to look. It’s actually inside of us; we bring the fab with us wherever we go.  We just have to activate it.  This is why I love street style so much.  It embodies everything I believe in; spreading a little joy and inspiration to random passers by with every step we take.  Because even when we are just going from one place to another we have a chance to make a statement that says look outside the lines, have a little fun and remember, gotdamnit, life is fabulous! Enjoy some of my favorite streetstyle looks from the past few months and be inspired to find your fabulous!