A general description of our suite of services. 

Did you know that everyday you speak to hundreds of people without saying a word?   Styled Fabulous is here to help you understand what you want to say to the world with your presentation and then help you say it clearly.  we understand that clothes are more than just fabric and buttons; clothes are a conversation.  Whether refreshing your wardrobe or preparing for your big day, Styled Fabulous is here to help you discover your individual voice and your individual style, effortlessly. 


Bridal and Wedding Party Style Services


 Styled Fabulous knows that choosing bridal wear for the bride and her party can be difficult and the voices of friends and family can make the decision that much harder.  Whether you need help just picking a dress, or you seek help designing the look for your entire party, or desire personalized styling for the day of as well,  Styled Fabulous is here to help you choose bridal wear for yourself and your party that celebrates your loved ones and honors your style.

Closet Therapy

When it comes to clothes, Styled Fabulous believes you probably already have what you are looking for, you just haven't rediscovered it yet. Styled Fabulous helps you shop your closet, re-imagine your wardrobe, and unearth that fabulous person you've been shopping for all along! 

Style Du Jour (Personal Fashion Consultation)

Special occasions require special preparation.  Whether a gala or a first date, interview or first day on the job, Styled Fabulous is here to help you make your statement a fabulous one.  Through one-on-one consultation, we make sure you find the perfect look for your special occasion and make sure that you make a statement without saying a word.