Iman Schuk

Iman Schuk is a personal stylist and fashion consultant who has combined her twenty plus years in the fashion industry and more than fifteen years as a psychotherapist to help women and men figure out their fashion statement.  Whether we know it or not, our clothes tell a story; why not control the conversation our look is having with the rest of the world? Through her trademarked Closet Therapy sessions,  Iman has helped countless women and men revive their wardrobes, develop their own aesthetic, and perfect the looks of their most important occasions.  Perhaps most important, Iman is committed to reminding mothers that we don't have to sacrifice style for sensibility.  She is committed to helping mommies everywhere find that fun, fab, fierce girl that hides inside all of us.  And whether a client is bohemian fab or downtown chic, Iman is there to refine the look.  Because as her clients can attest, the truly fabulous are Styled Fabulous!